Grading each of the Atlanta Falcons early wave of moves

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Falcons re-sign P Bradley Pinion for 3 years, $8.7 million

The Falcons needed to find a punter for the 2023 season with Bradley Pinion due for free agency. They decided to bring back Pinion on a decent contract that will likely keep him in Atlanta until 2025.

Honestly, I am not a fan of this move; Pinion was not among the better punters last season, in fact, he was among the worst when you look at specific stats. He may have had a 73-yard punt but his yards per punt, net yards per punt, and punts inside the 20 were all near the bottom in the NFL.

Maybe, much like fullback, they didn't see any other option outside of Pinion, but, if that was the case, why would they sign him to a three-year contract?

Overall, it isn't a move that will break the team but it also seems like a lazy move.

Grade: C-