Grading each of the Atlanta Falcons early wave of moves

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Falcons trade seventh-round pick to Patriots for TE Jonnu Smith

This is such a solid move by the Atlanta Falcons' front office. I have been banging the table for the team to bring in another legit receiving tight end to pair with Kyle Pitts in Arthur Smith's offense. In his offense, a second tight end has the same value as, at least, a third wide receiver for most teams.

Even prior to the eventual restructuring of Jonnu Smith's contract, it is a great move even at the price. First of all, the chance that a seventh-round rookie would even make your roster is about 50/50, so instead, we get a tight end who had a strong season last time he was with Arthur Smith.

Second of all, his cap hit right now is $10 million for 2023 and if he doesn't perform then the Falcons can get out of his contract with zero repercussions next offseason.

Grade: A