Grading each re-signing the Atlanta Falcons made in 2023

Handing out grades for each of the eight re-signings the Atlanta Falcons made in 2023

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Grading each of the Atlanta Falcons' re-signings in 2023: Offense

TE. 1 year, $1.2 million. MyCole Pruitt. MyCole Pruitt. B

Another veteran-minimum signing, MyCole Pruitt was a good third tight end who made his biggest impact as a blocker. He made a few highlights as a sneaky receiving threat as well.

Parker Hesse. B. TE. 1 year, $980,000. Parker Hesse

Parker Hesse didn't quite have the volume of snaps that he did in 2022 but he was elevated from the practice squad as a solid hybrid tight end/fullback.

With it being another minimum deal, you cannot fault the signing. From here on out though, the signings are more exciting.

McGary. C. RT. 3 years, $34.5 million. Kaleb McGary

Oh boy, how do you evaluate Kaleb McGary? He has had two solid seasons but he continues to struggle as a pass protector, which is concerning now that the offensive scheme is changing.

If this were a one-year deal or if it were front-loaded then the grade would be higher, but with him having a significant cap hit for a team that will look to pass the ball more in 2024, it is a shaky contract, at best.