Grading every first-round pick of Atlanta Falcons current regime

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Bijan Robinson 8th Overall Pick 2023 season B-

It is hard to be excited about the pick after the season that Atlanta just endured. How much of Bijan's struggles were due to adjusting to the league and how much due to a poor passing offense and bad management from Arthur Smith?

This season will be the answer to these questions and make it a bit easier to grade out the selection. For now, however, it appears that the Falcons reached a bit at a position they didn't have to address. Tyler Allgeier was a great option in the 2023 season despite sharing snaps with Bijan.

Robinson has star quality and carries himself exactly as you hope a franchise player would. With that said, his rookie season wasn't as exciting as expected. The big plays were limited and it was often an uphill battle to make it past the line of scrimmage. Every yard seemed hard fought and Atlanta's offense couldn't figure out how to best use what was expected to be an elite weapon.

Bijan Robinson has three years left on his rookie deal making the grade very fluid. Still, it is only honest to say that year one didn't live up to the pick or the hype.