Grading every move Atlanta Falcons made during first wave of free agency

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Darnell Mooney signs a 3-Year $39-Million Dollar deal Grade: B-

From a skillset perspective the Atlanta Falcons are a perfect fit for Mooney. A fit this site and others had suggested ahead of free agency heading into the offseason. However, giving Mooney $26-million guaranteed is tough to swallow.

Mooney was a part of a poor passing offense, however, his production has gone down in the same offense. Looking at advanced metrics it seems the drop in production is in large part due to poor quarterback play and a lack of targets when open.

Despite this, it is still somewhat of a risky move for a team that has Kyle Pitts and Drake London under contract. Mooney is potentially a great third option, but you could have found similar production in this year's draft with less risk.

Atlanta has been let down by the receiver position each of the last three seasons. This is a move that speaks to their frustration at the position and could be a great decision. However, it comes with a healthy bust risk as well when the team already has two top targets. Mooney being given that much guaranteed while being the fourth option in this offense is the only reason this move isn't an A.