How many miles will the Atlanta Falcons travel in 2024?

The Atlanta Falcons will travel just over 6,000 miles during their 2024 season.
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons will not have the toughest schedule in 2024. While they play the Super Bowl champion Chiefs, they play many teams who are mysteries—it also helps when you play in the NFC South.

More good news is that they won't have to travel very far. They only have to travel cross-country twice and will mostly stick on their side of the country.

The Atlanta Falcons will only travel 12,280 miles during their 2024 road slate

Since the NFL added an extra game during the regular season, teams alternate between having an extra home or road game. The Atlanta Falcons will be on the right end of that as they will play nine home games and eight road games.

The Falcons will also benefit from playing most of their road games on the eastern side of the United States. I used Google Maps to look at the total number of miles they will travel.

Note: The distance is from Mercedes-Benz Stadium to whatever road stadium they will be playing in a beeline, not by road. The total distance also takes into account the return to Atlanta.

Total Miles: 12,280

Shortest: 226 miles to Panthers' Bank of America Stadium

Furthest: 1,744 miles to Raiders' Allegiant Stadium

  1. Bank of America Stadium (CAR): 226 mi
  2. Raymond James Stadium (TB): 415 mi
  3. Caesars Superdome (NO): 424 mi
  4. FedEx Field (WAS): 550 mi
  5. Lincoln Financial Field (PHI): 664 mi
  6. US Bank Stadium (MIN): 907 mi
  7. Empower Field @ Mile High (DEN): 1,211 mi
  8. Allegiant Stadium (LV): 1,744 mi

Traveling 12,280 miles is not much for an NFL team. For reference, the Falcons traveled about 8,400 miles to and back from Wembley Stadium in London to play the Jaguars.

Last year, according to Pro Football Network, the Falcons traveled 18,228 miles. This year will be a tick less taxing for the players. It certainly beats the Seahawks having to travel 31,600 miles last season.


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