How Many More Games Will the Atlanta Falcons Win this Season?

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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Atlanta Falcons Vs. New York Jets – Sunday, December 3rd

If Aaron Rodgers was playing in this game, the projected winner wouldn’t even be a question. Unfortunately for the Jets, it seems like Zach Wilson will still be at the helm, which could likely lead to a victory for Atlanta.

Since taking over as QB1 after Rodger’s injury, Wilson has struggled mightily with six interceptions, only five touchdowns, and five games with less than 200 passing yards. The Jets have gotten by with their stellar defense, but the Falcons have a strong chance of securing a win.

If Atlanta can get their run game going and control the clock, it’s likely that Wilson will make the same mistakes we always see and cause the team to fall behind. Putting New York in obvious passing situations could help dictate this matchup in a major way.