How much cap space will the Atlanta Falcons have next off-season?

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While the 2024 off-season for the Atlanta Falcons is far away it never hurts to look ahead at the team's cap situation. Atlanta currently has over $9 million left in cap space they can spend if needed for the 2023 season.

Possible moves would be adding a veteran receiver, edge rusher, or depth at running back. Regardless of what Terry Fontenot and company choose to do for once Atlanta has flexibility. That is something the team has lacked in each of the last two seasons since the new front office has taken over.

Fontenot might prefer to keep this ability to make a move in case Atlanta is a buyer before the trade deadline. This is the type of move Atlanta has been unable to make for the last half-decade heading into the season with the current roster and the ability to make a future move wouldn't be at all surprising.

Looking past this season the cap situation for Atlanta is still in a great position with a projected $23 million in space after the end of this season. That is before possible re-works or the obvious veteran cuts that will happen.

Though it is worth noting this number doesn't take into account that A.J. Terrell is yet to be extended and Cordarrelle Patterson will hit free agency again at season's end.

Considering the myriad of moves that Atlanta has made this is impressive flexibility, however, and will offer Fontenot the chance to continue to build a long-term contender. All of the Falcons extensions and free agent signings were managed well in that the worst cap hits were spread out allowing consistent cap space for Atlanta while retaining their talent long term.

There isn't any question that this is the best position that Atlanta's roster has been in a very long time and the 2023 season is going to show just that.