How signing Kirk Cousins changes the Falcons draft approach

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The Atlanta Falcons signing Kirk Cousins has obviously changed the draft approach for a franchise that is no longer desperate for a franchise quarterback. Terry Fontenot has a history of taking who he believes is the best player on the board regardless of position and with Cousins now under contract that should be the expected approach yet again.

Atlanta no longer has any urgency with their approach to the draft. Whether it is trading down or simply sitting in their current position Terry Fontenot can feel he is in the driver's seat once again.

There is an argument to be made that the team should still be looking to add to the quarterback position. Whether it is a later-round prospect like Spencer Rattler or an early day-two pick like Michael Penix Jr. the Falcons would benefit from having a prospect to develop and sit behind Kirk Cousins.

Though this would be ideal it isn't a must for a franchise that can sit back and take who they believe is the best player on the board in each round. With their hot start in free agency, the urgency in the draft is gone for Atlanta.

Not taking away its importance or impact but taking away the desperation Atlanta would have felt prior to their free agency additions. Kirk Cousins is the primary reason for this with Atlanta feeling they were out of reach of a franchise quarterback within this draft.

However, the team is well aware of the short-term answer that Cousins projects to be and is still likely to draft a quarterback sometime in the next two years as an understudy and hopeful future of the franchise.

Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris have set the tone for the offseason and with it increased expectations for a fanbase that has had their fill of losing.