How soon can the Atlanta Falcons move on from Kirk Cousins?

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If things go according to plan this is a question that won't matter for the Atlanta Falcons in the next four years. Perhaps Kirk Cousins defies age and continues to play at a high level throughout this contract. It is the best-case scenario that gives the Falcons a four-year window.

Considering the history of the Atlanta Falcons franchise, however, it is fair to wonder when they can move on from the veteran. What this four-year deal really boils down to is a two-year deal with two years of team options.

If the team moves on from Cousins in year three the dead cap hit will be right around $10 million with the 4th year being without any guaranteed money. This leaves Kirk Cousins as the unquestioned starter for at least the next two years. Ideally, Atlanta will not face this question with Cousins playing at a high level and starting all four seasons.

While this is the hope the Falcons should remain active in the draft at the position no matter Kirk's level of play. History tells us that even if Cousins defies father time it will only be for so long. Atlanta needs to look to have a replacement plan in place in the next 2-3 seasons.

Drafting a quarterback this season shouldn't be surprising even with Cousins and Taylor Heinicke both on the roster.

This contract serves as another example of just how elite Kirk Cousins has been at cashing in free agency. There is an argument no player in NFL history has bet on themselves and won so many times. In Washington, Minnesota, and now Atlanta, Kirk Cousins has cashed in and delivered at a high level.

Regardless of how it plays out, this was the right decision for Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot landing the best quarterback on the market.