How to watch the 2024 NFL Draft with & without cable: a full streaming guide

Super Bowl Winning Team Head Coach and MVP Press Conference
Super Bowl Winning Team Head Coach and MVP Press Conference / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

The NFL Draft will start April 25th with the 3-day event kicking off with a first-round facing plenty of question marks. For the Atlanta Falcons, this question is whether or not they will make the right move and add a much-needed edge rusher? For the top three teams in the draft, it seems it will be Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye.

The draft will be easily accessible to those who have cable with it being simulcast on four different options for those with cable:


All four channels will be covering the event making it difficult not to stumble on the coverage if you have cable or a streaming service. For those that don't have access to cable don't work the league still has you covered. You can use your phone, tablet, or smart TV and download the NFL Plus app.

While the app does require a $6.99 monthly fee this will be well worth it for NFL fans that are looking for access to their team's selection. The event will be covered on the radio as well for SiriusXM or ESPN Radio listeners.

The league has done a great job making the draft into an event. They have done this by not only allowing the fans to interact throughout the event but marketing it and making it easily accessible.

Arguably the only thing the league could do better is stream the event on their website allowing even further access. While it is clear the financial reasons the league can't do this with their games the draft should be viewed differently. It is a chance to attract college fans or those that are following certain player's careers.

Making this event as easy to access and on as many screens as possible should be the goal. With the understanding that this is a chance not only to get your existing fanbase excited but to interest and attract new fans.