Is it time for former Atlanta Falcons franchise star to walk away?

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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Three years ago the idea Julio Jones would still be a free agent at the end of June was laughable. Jones was one year removed from putting up 1,394 yards and managed 771 yards in 2020 despite playing in only ten games.

Injury concerns were clear by the drop-off in performance that followed, which was shocking. Since forcing his way out of Atlanta in 2021 Julio Jones has managed a combined 807 yards in three years.

Julio Jones hasn't been a productive player since he left the Atlanta Falcons in 2021

Each year the total has gone down with the veteran managing only 74 yards with the Eagles last season. It is fair to wonder if this is the end for Jones. Still sitting in free agency as we near July it is completely possible Julio has taken his last NFL snap.

Unless Jones wants to return for one final season in Atlanta in a player/coach role this should be the end for the veteran. It is sad to watch such a great player struggle to the finish. The ferocity that Jones played with for so many years has taken a toll on his body.

Injuries consistently have kept him out of the lineup and even when he is healthy is seemingly the 3rd or 4th option at best. Jones' legacy as one of the best to ever do it remains. While each season might push him up all-time rankings it hurts the perception of who Jones is as a player.

If Julio were able to fill a Larry Fitzgerald role and continually produce at an above-average level late into his career the perception would be different. However, continuing to find new landing spots and failing works against him. No one can take away from Jones what he has accomplished in this league.

Accomplishments it might be time to take a step back from and appreciate. Walking away from a game that doesn't seem to have a deserving place for the veteran any longer.