Is it time for the Atlanta Falcons to start Taylor Heinicke?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Desmond Ridder threw three interceptions in a game the Atlanta Falcons had so many chances to win at home. Now the team will head on the road and take on the Bucs sitting at 3-3 with obvious questions about the quarterback position. Questions Ridder could wipe away with a division win that would put Atlanta back in the division lead.

Arthur Smith's frustration with Desmond Ridder wasn't hidden by the head coach with his hands on his head and obviously displaying his frustration as Ridder ended two chances to tie the game by throwing interceptions.

These drives came after Ridder threw a pick that gave Washington a 14-point lead and required the comeback in the first place. Some fans again could start to wonder if the Falcons will consider starting Taylor Heinicke against the Bucs in an important week seven game.

Despite how the Atlanta quarterback has played and Arthur Smith's obvious growing frustration the answer is no. Smith and Fontenot put this season on Ridder and spoke all off-season and early on this season about their belief in the quarterback.

This a year after settling for Marcus Mariota after chasing off veteran Matt Ryan. Another quarterback whiff would be a bad look for a duo that has done a great job rebuilding this team and seems to have an answer for every position but the most important player on the field.

Ridder has done a lot of things well this season but we have watched three bad games, one great game, and two underwhelming games from the Atlanta starter. At some point, you need a player who can deliver a level of consistency, and thus far this season that hasn't been Desmond.

Even if the Falcons upset the Bucs in an important division matchup it is hard to see this team fully believing in Desmond without seeing how the quarterback will finish out the year. The mistakes and inconsistencies have outweighed the good moments thus far but Falcons fans still have reason for optimism even with the quarterback's struggles. It isn't time to consider Taylor Heinicke just yet.