It is the Dallas Cowboys not the Atlanta Falcons failing Bill Belichick

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Since the Atlanta Falcons have hired head coach Raheem Morris the team has been given some heat for opting to choose Morris over Bill Belichick. Despite the obvious issues of handing over the GM role of Terry Fontenot who has done a great job and a franchise that needs a new perspective. The Falcons needed energy, not a veteran coach who would want to control every aspect.

Bill wants to win but he clearly wants to win his way within a system that appears to be outdated without the perfect pieces and hasn't worked without Tom Brady. Teams to hire a new head coach this offseason include the Falcons, Commanders, Panthers, Chargers, Titans, and Seahawks, and yet Atlanta seems to be the only team facing heat for passing on the coaching legend. Bill Belichick needs a landing spot with a strong roster and a clear franchise quarterback already in place.

If a team were being given heat for passing on the coaching legend it shouldn't be Atlanta but an established franchise that could use Bill's discipline. The Dallas Cowboys are the complete opposite of Bill Belichick in every way.

From Micah Parsons' podcast to their owner's radio shows and media comments the Cowboys are a loud brand. One that would benefit from Bill's leadership and ability to lead a defense. Dan Quinn is now in Washington and Dallas has a myriad of reasons to fire their head coach.

Three terrible playoff exits haven't been enough for Dallas to consider making the needed change. Whether it was Dak running the ball to run the clock out, Zeke playing center, or getting blown off their home field the Cowboys find ways to lose when it matters.

If there was a fit for Bill Belichick out there it is Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Jones has proven capable of making it work with a strong head coach for a short time. The Jimmy Johnson years are far in the rearview but there is no coincidence that the team's struggles begin not long after.

Bill Belichick would bring discipline to this Dallas defense and with a strong offensive coordinator would turn them into a real contender. Not a strong regular season team you know is waiting to be embarrassed, but a well-coached group that is focused on a singular goal.

This is the Cowboys' problem and why they will continue to fail until the culture changes. All the heat that is focused on the Falcons should be directed at a team that would be an actual fit for Bill's leadership.

While there has been speculation that Bill was uninterested in the Cowboys this shouldn't have deterred Dallas. With limited jobs out there and now with no current openings the Cowboys should be attempting to make the move.

Move on from a coach that has proven incapable of winning with Dallas in the playoffs and bring in someone to change the culture. Atlanta has their head coach someone who is going to set the tone and is the right fit for their roster. Dallas needs to find the same and until they do the postseason losses are going to continue.