Kirk Cousins career continues facing unrealistic criticisms

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Wherever Kirk Cousins lands it seems that controversy and criticism follow the veteran quarterback. The reasons why simply boil down to the veteran often losing in prime time and being unable to make a single run deep into the playoffs late into his career.

Accurate criticism that seems to conveniently ignore the talent around Cousins and the clear ceiling of the player. Cousins is given the judgment as if he had the talent of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Joe Burrow. These are the superstar quarterbacks in today's game who are expected to elevate those around them and carry their teams when needed.

That isn't who Cousins is or has ever been and yet the criticism remains. What they fail to consider is how different the production might look from Dak Prescott or Jalen Hurts if the landing spots had of been different.

Quarterback wins are part of the story but just a small piece that requires immense context. In this case, what team was Cousins a part of in Washington or Minnesota that should have been able to make a deep playoff run?

What all-time player has propped up Cousins' stats that continue to have the veteran consistently at the top of the league? The answers to these questions are obvious but won't fit into the fun and interesting narrative of Cousins being a prime-time choker or unable to win in the playoffs.

Flip the weapons and career arcs of Prescott and Cousins and consider how different the perceptions of both players would be. Cousins started his career with an elite running game and a good defense. Dak was in complete chaos with a team that didn't want him and wasn't set up for long-term success.

Real critcism of Cousins that is accurate should be limited to the quarterback choosing money over winning. That much is completely true with Cousins making the absolute most of his career cashing in at top dollar at every given chance.

Kirk's career and playoff record are going to continue to be underrated and maligned based on a narrative that continually lacks context. Something that will now become Atlanta's problem with the veteran taking over a team facing playoff expectations.