Kirk Cousins continues to say all the right things about Michael Penix Jr.

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

It was clear after the Atlanta Falcons drafted Michael Penix Jr. that Kirk Cousins was caught off guard and unhappy with the decision. Despite this in every interview since the draft pick Cousins has continued to show why he is the perfect franchise quarterback for the Falcons after two years under Arthur Smith.

Cousins has already praised working with Kyle Pitts and Drake London and keeps refocusing the conversation on the team's goal and doing his job. This is exactly what you want to hear from your franchise leader going into the season.

There are two factors here that are helping push Cousins in this direction. The first and most obvious is the fact that the first two years of Cousins' contract make it close to impossible for the team to move on. Cousins is going to be this teams starter for the next two years barring an injury or a shocking cap decision.

Secondly, you have the fact that Cousins is unlikely to be transparent with the media about his feelings about the situation. Yes, the Falcons gave Cousins $180 million but the veteran is still a quarterback a position that requires a healthy ego.

Cousins being replaced before he has ever taken a snap for the team isn't going to sit well with the starter. This isn't to say that the Falcons did anything wrong by planning for the future but the way they communicated it was less than stellar.

Kirk Cousins is Atlanta's quarterback for better or worse for the next two seasons and both sides know this. Cousins saying all of the right things isn't at all surprising for a player who isn't going to make headlines at the podium or in his interviews.

Atlanta added a professional at the position and that is who is going to continue to show up in interviews no matter the reality of the situation. Cousins will continue to do his best to diffuse the situation and put any quarterback debates to rest.