Kirk Cousins has eye opening reaction to Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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It seems that Atlanta Falcons fans weren't alone in their shock when the franchise drafted Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall. Kirk Cousins was among Atlanta Falcons fans that were shocked by the decision to add his successor in round one.

Atlanta has long been expected to add to the position, however, with the current roster needs it was a day-two or perhaps day-three expected pick. Cousins could view this as a bit of a frustration when you consider the team did just sign him to a four-year deal.

Atlanta clearly believes that Cousins isn't going to be playing at a high level through all four seasons. Their first escape from the contract is in year two and that appears to be the goal for Michael Penix Jr. to start.

Waiting any longer would leave Penix Jr. as a bench player on a 1st round contract for three seasons. Aside from the money issues with this, you have the obvious problem of Penix Jr. starting for the first time in a contract season and not giving Atlanta enough live action to evaluate the quarterback as a starter.

Kirk Cousins is far from alone in his surprise and perhaps frustration. Signing a four-year deal only to see your team draft a quarterback 8th overall sends a clear message. It shows a lack of belief in your ability to maintain capable production past the first two years of your contract.

If that isn't the case why are the Falcons making the move so soon? No doubt this isn't a wise decision for the Falcons and should make Kirk Cousins a bit uneasy. The veteran is a player who is at his best when he is being fully embraced and believed in.

This move sends the opposite message from Atlanta and is a huge concern for both sides moving forward.