Kirk Cousins isn't the only quarterback the Atlanta Falcons should frustrate

NFL Combine
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Part of what makes the Atlanta Falcons' decision to draft Michael Penix Jr. so frustrating is the quarterback himself. Penix Jr. has carried himself exactly as you want to see your franchise quarterback ahead of the draft. His knowledge of the game and ability were both very clear in the process.

Penix Jr. showed his ability as a leader and impact player at Washington leading a roster to a playoff berth. A roster that didn't have close to the talent of a Michigan, Texas, or Alabama. Their team was built around a quarterback who finally came into his own in the right situation and most importantly staying healthy.

Penix Jr. earned a chance to compete for a starting job and instead has been drafted behind Kirk Cousins to ride the bench for at least two seasons. As a prospect, it has to be somewhat frustrating knowing you will never be given a chance to be the guy for the next two years.

This was with the understanding that the Raiders were unlikely to let you slip outside of the top 15 picks. Penix Jr. had teams interested that would have given him a chance to compete for the starting job. However, the rookie instead will come to Atlanta and sit behind Kirk Cousins for at least two years as the team develops him as the next franchise guy.

While Kirk Cousins has far more reason to feel uneasy this is also a difficult position to put a rookie quarterback into. Penix Jr. is joining a team with a shocked fanbase that was ready to add a pass rusher they have been missing for much of the last decade.

Adding a quarterback on day two or three wouldn't have been a shock. Taking Penix 8th overall before Cousins has ever taken a snap for the team was beyond shocking.

Michael Penix Jr. seems to be not only a great college quarterback but a good guy who fits well within Atlanta's locker room. With that said, it would be only human for the rookie to feel at least a bit of frustration at being put in this position. For at least two years he is not going to have a real chance at a starting job in this league.

A prospect who had landing spots with great weapons and a chance to start now must sit and wait as Kirk Cousins takes his turn first. Perhaps this plays out for the better and both sides win long term. For now, however, Atlanta has two starting quarterbacks and still zero pass rushers.