Look: Falcons roster overhaul over past 3 years is shocking

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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If you had the pleasure of watching the 2020 Atlanta Falcons *sarcasm*, then chances are that you won't be seeing your favorite players from that season take the field for the Falcons in 2023.

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In three short years, the Falcons have completely retooled their roster. The number of players that have moved on since the new regime was hired is simply shocking. What is more shocking is how many of them aren't even on teams anymore. Let's take a look at how this roster has dramatically changed in three short years.

The Atlanta Falcons roster looks shockingly different from three years ago

Obviously, we as Atlanta Falcons fans have had to watch franchise legends move on over the past couple of years. Guys like Matt Ryan and Julio Jones were mainstays for over a decade and their time with the Falcons came to an end in successive years.

However, an NFL roster is comprised of 53 players (or 90 players prior to the season), so the difference between the 2020 Falcons and 2023 Falcons extends much deeper than the all-time great QB-WR connection.

We are going to dig into the vast differences between these two rosters. Again, keep in mind, this is over the span of three short years and two full seasons on the field. These players all moved on in either the 2021, 2022, or 2023 offseason.

Funny enough, only two players from the 2020 Falcons left this offseason, so the vast majority left in either 2021 or 2022.

Anyways, the difference between the 2020 offense and the current offense for the Falcons will appear on the next slide, followed by the defense and special teams. This will include every player that spent time on the 2020 roster during the season, so there will be more than 53 players included.