Look: Falcons roster overhaul over past 3 years is shocking

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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Atlanta Falcons special teams: 2020 vs. 2023

Special teams (1/4):

  • Younghoe Koo (K)
  • Elliot Fry (K)
  • Sterling Hofrichter (P)
  • Josh Harris (LS)

Well, I guess the Atlanta Falcons were smart to keep Younghoe Koo around. Elsewhere, it wasn't fun watching Josh Harris leave after a Pro Bowl season, but, then again, he is a long-snapper. I don't think you need me to do the math on what percentage of them are still remaining.

Atlanta Falcons roster: 2020 vs. 2023

This is what happens when a new regime takes over. What took it to the extreme was the salary cap situation; Terry Fontenot had to get a fresh start and he clearly did that in a short period of time.

Here is the final overview changes to the Atlanta Falcons:

  • 5/28 offensive players remain (~18%)
  • 4/32 defensive players remain (~12%)
  • 1/4 special teamers remain (25%)
  • 10/64 total remain
  • ~16% of roster remains

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