Matt Ryan predicts Falcons signing Kirk Cousins while discussing retirement

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills
Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will be buried in today's headline news of his former team signing Kirk Cousins. Ryan made an appearance on Up & Adams discussing the quarterback situation in Atlanta and his future in the league.

Notably, the former Atlanta quarterback predicts that Atlanta's first option would be signing veteran Kirk Cousins. This came only hours before the team would make the move to bring the former Vikings quarterback to Atlanta.

While the prediction wasn't exactly going out on a limb for the Atlanta veteran it was timely and speaks to his continued place in the franchise. The true headline from this interview was his quarterback predictions but his discussions around his future.

Matt Ryan hinted at retirement making it clear he was happy to spend time with his family and call games on Sundays. There seemed to be no hint of any type of return to the league with Ryan doing everything but officially announcing his retirement from the league.

This isn't at all surprising when you see how things ended with the Colts and know the punishment that Matt Ryan took for years in Atlanta. His career with the team will be looked back on as the best in franchise history and better appreciated now that Atlanta fully sees exactly how much he brought to the organization.

Matt Ryan is expected to continue to broadcast games with CBS heading into the 2024 season offering the chance for Atlanta fans to hear his takes on Kirk Cousins and their 2024 roster.

Ryan's legacy will continue to be haunted by what could have been for a franchise that always seemed to be one win away. What is inarguable is what Ryan accomplished statistically and how he elevated a historically bad Atlanta franchise. As soon as Ryan makes it official look for Arthur Blank to quickly honor the Atlanta legend.