Miles Garrett of Fox 5 Atlanta talks 2023 Falcons

Used by permission for FanSided/Blogging Dirty. Lisa Shepard
Used by permission for FanSided/Blogging Dirty. Lisa Shepard / Used by permission for FanSided/Blogging Dirty. Lisa Shepard

Atlanta Falcons reporter, Miles Garrett, catches up with Frank Darby

Many sports fans grow up either dreaming of playing for their favorite team or dreaming about being a sports journalist who covers their favorite team. For Fox 5 Atlanta's Miles Garrett, his dream has been realized as the latter. He's a reporter, anchor, and sports producer for the channel.

A native Georgian, Garrett grew up watching the Falcons. As a credentialed reporter, he has access to the Falcons' brass, coaches, and players. He speaks highly of team owner, Arthur Blank, general manager, Terry Fontenot, and head coach, Arthur Smith. He's been able to develop relationships with them since he started covering the team.

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When asked what he enjoys most about covering the Falcons, he said that it's the fact that this is his job. He gets to go to training camp, Falcons games, and travel with the team occasionally. While his travel schedule for 2023 is not yet finalized, he will be on the road with the team at some point during the season.

Sports reporters cover topics such as the NFL Draft, training camp, free agency signings, and in-season and off-season news pertaining to the team. When asked about his favorite interview since he started covering the Falcons, Garrett recalls the 2022 story he did which featured Frank Darby. Darby, a wide receiver, was drafted in the 6th round of the 2021 NFL Draft at pick #187.

Garrett caught up with Darby, and his high school coach, Robert Hampton, head coach of Lincoln High School, ahead of the preseason matchup the Falcons had with the Jets last year. Falcons fans are used to seeing Darby dancing and smiling at training camp, open practices, and on his social media posts. In Garrett's interview, Coach Hampton confirmed that was his modus operandi even in high school. Garrett states that this story is one of his favorites because Darby and Hampton spoke about how making it to the NFL helped Darby escape a tough environment in Jersey City.

When asked about his thoughts on the Bijan Robinson pick at the #8 spot, Garrett says that Robinson is an electrifying back that should fit in nicely with the type of offense Arthur Smith runs. Rookie of the Year is not a reach Garrett believes.

He also likes the moves that the team has made on defense during this off-season. He expects improvement with the pieces that have been added. The defensive front has been revamped, and the additional veteran presence will be beneficial to the rookies and second-year defensive players.

Garrett believes the team's off-season moves should bring excitement to the fan base. "Don't be afraid to be optimistic," was his response when asked if he could say anything to Falcons fans about the upcoming season, what would he say. There is a healthy buzz around the 2023 Falcons. Falcons fans get ready to rep the team in the Benz and on the road!

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