Milestones & records that Atlanta Falcons players could reach in 2023

2023 could be a memorable year for numerous Atlanta Falcons players as they try to hit career milestones or break records
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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5. Jake Matthews is an iron man for the Atlanta Falcons

I went more in-depth on this back in early June but Jake Matthews is the definition of reliability for the Atlanta Falcons.


On Sunday, he will have the second-most consecutive starts in Falcons history with 145. He is currently tied with the newest member of the Atlanta Falcons Ring of Honor, Todd McClure. He could break the Falcons record—set by Matt Ryan—in week 12 when the Falcons host the Saints.

Matthews is also the NFL's active leader in consecutive starts.

This has also amounted to him playing in the 17th most games in Falcons history. If he starts every game this season then he will be tied with Scott Case at 10th all-time.

Matthews still has a ways to go to catch Mike Kenn who played in 251 games for the Falcons. Matthews would have to play in every game from now until partway through the 2029 NFL Season and by then he would be 37 years old. However, he could shave off a few games each year if the Falcons reach the playoffs.

Jake Matthews is just a stud that never gets talked about, which might be the biggest compliment you could give an offensive lineman (ahem... Jalen Mayfield).