Mistakes that can't be overlooked in Atlanta Falcons 2024 offseason

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2. Drafting Michael Penix Jr. and signing Kirk Cousins

Either move by itself makes sense for the team and gives you hope moving forward. Cousins is a proven veteran who is a huge upgrade over anything Atlanta has had in recent memory. With Cousins, you are a playoff team in the weak NFC South.

Cousins elevates Atlanta's young weapons and gives you reason to believe in this team. On the flip side if you draft Penix you have a chance to spend all of your cap space on loading up your roster. Following the path the 49ers have taken with Brock Purdy.

Spending the cap space you're spending on Cousins to load up and give Penix his best chance to develop. This strategy makes sense as does signing Cousins. What doesn't is adding both quarterbacks on four-year deals and simply hoping Penix develops while you waste at least two years of his rookie contract.

If Cousins ages well it is possible the team spent the 8th overall pick on a player not taking the field for three or four years. It is a poorly planned move that isn't going to age well no matter how Penix plays. Leading us to the next problem with Atlanta's offseason.