Netflix doc doesn't change the fact Mariota quit on the Atlanta Falcons

Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback"
Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback" / JC Olivera/GettyImages

Netflix provided Atlanta Falcons fans an inside look at Marcus Mariota's exit from the team and looked at the situation primarily from his perspective. While the doc is clearly very pro-Mariota when it comes to how the veteran is portrayed in comparison to his actual level of play the quarterback's exit wasn't done full justice.

Mariota's story is shown from the veteran's perspective seemingly at times painting Marcus as a veteran that isn't helped by Atlanta. While the Falcons' roster was far from star-studded it doesn't explain Mariota's struggles of letting the quarterback off the hook for what was an ugly season from start to finish.

As the doc notes Mariota and his wife just had a child and that without question had to contribute to Mariota walking away from the team. A choice that at the time was understandable in many ways when you consider what it meant for Mariota's career.

However, don't let the doc or Mariota's family sugarcoat the fact that the veteran quarterback quit on a coach and team that gave him far more chances than he deserved. Despite failing with the Titans Arthur Smith brought Mariota to Atlanta for a second chance and continued to start the quarterback despite the obvious flaws in his game and continual mistakes.

Atlanta and Arthur Smith gave Mariota every chance to succeed and when the time came that there was no longer a defense for keeping Marcus in the lineup Mariota walked away.

With a rookie quarterback that could have used his veteran presence and a team that had supported him all season now in need of Mariota in a new role, Marcus quit on the team.

Smith clearly had already held out far too long keeping Marcus in the lineup protecting the veteran quarterback. Mariota returned the favor by opting to walk away quitting on Atlanta and making the choice to cut the quarterback all the easier this off-season.

While there is much to take away from the new series it is important to remember how often things are shown from Mariota's perspective and the ending that left room to question Mariota.