New Falcons HC Raheem Morris makes decision on playcalling

New Atlanta Falcons head coach Raheem Morris had his introductory press conference on Monday and announced that Jimmy Lake will be calling plays

Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off three straight seasons where their head coach was calling plays. Arthur Smith was hired to be a stable playcaller for the team and it did not work out.

Raheem Morris now takes his place and at the end of his introductory press conference he mentioned that new defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake will take care of the defensive playcalling duties.

New Atlanta Falcons head coach Raheem Morris will not be calling plays

Raheem Morris has spent time as a head coach, an offensive coach, and a defensive coordinator. He spent time with the Atlanta Falcons in all three phases (if you include the 'interim head coach' tag) and now he will be their permanent head coach.

Morris promptly hired Zac Robinson to be his offensive coordinator and offensive playcaller and then hired Jimmy Lake to be his defensive coordinator. No one knew whether Morris, who spent the last three seasons as the defensive playcaller for the Los Angeles Rams, would call plays or not.

At the end of his first press conference, Morris cleared it up and said he would be giving the playcalling duties to his two coordinators, allowing him to focus on being the coach of the entire team.

After watching Arthur Smith focus on the offensive side of the ball for three years, it is nice to see that Raheem Morris will focus on coaching the entire team. Not having to install plays and call plays will allow him to pay attention to every component of the team. And, in-game, he will be able to focus on managing the game.


This is the right decision by Morris. He wasn't brought in for his playcalls, he was brought in for his leadership and this decision will allow him to focus on his leadership.

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