NFL highlights the Atlanta Falcons 'Mount Rushmore'

NFL Throwback named who belongs on the Atlanta Falcons 'Mount Rushmore.'
Atlanta Falcons v Minnesota Vikings
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The Atlanta Falcons have had some all-time impactful players throughout their history. Whether it is the greatest athlete to ever play or the most exciting playmaker to ever take an NFL field, they have had plenty of players who deserve to land on their 'Mount Rushmore.'

NFL Throwback went through each team highlighting the four players who belong on a team's all-time list. They went with two polarizing players and two who, undoubtedly, belong on the list.

Atlanta Falcons' 'Mount Rushmore' according to NFL Throwback

Two names cannot be left off the Atlanta Falcons' Rushmore: Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. Unsurprisingly, those two were the first two highlighted for the team in the video.

After that there are many ways you could go; do you go with the long-tenured players or the ones who captured audiences' attention when they took the field?

They decided to go with the polarizing players in cornerback Deion Sanders and quarterback Michael Vick.

This is a great conversation to have. Michael Vick and Deion Sanders are very deserving of this honor. They were two players who had skillsets no one had ever seen, but they also only played 11 seasons combined with the team.

Do you choose more steady, long-tenured players or the incredible, shorter-tenured players?

Going in the direction of Primetime and Vick is hard to argue when you are specifically talking about the 'Mount Rushmore' of a team. They were special, no doubt about it. When you think about the Falcons, there is a good chance the first names that pop into your head are Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Michael Vick, and Deion Sanders.

Some arguments can be made for guys like Tommy 'Mr. Falcon' Nobis, Tony Gonzalez, Mike Kenn, Jessie Tuggle, and others. Specifically, leaving Nobis off this list is a hard pill to swallow.

Nevertheless, these four players will always be four of the best in Falcons history and they all deserve a spot on the Falcons Rushmore.

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