NFL insider takes shot at the Falcons after Atlanta Hawks win draft lottery

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans
Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons took a shot from NFL insider Adam Schefter on Sunday afternoon on the heels of the Atlanta Hawks winning the draft lottery. The Hawks had a 3% chance of winning the first overall pick and were given a much-needed win.

Schefter's shot at the Falcons via the Hawks obviously bears no ill intent but continues a trend of jokes at Atlanta's expense. Whether it is Lamar Jackson, Bill Belichick, or the infamous Super Bowl score the Falcons haven't been able to catch a break for the last six years.

This is a direct result of being a losing franchise and making themselves an easy target. For the Falcons to change the way they are talked about the formula is simple and elusive, consistently win games.

Schefter's shot intentionally or not covers both franchises with the Falcons obviously signing Kirk Cousins to a 4-year deal work $180-million. This was followed up by the Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr. with the 8th overall pick.

For the Hawks, they are dealing with a quarterback debate as well with Trae Young the established star point guard and Dejounte Murray coming off an impressive season with Young dealing with injuries.

Murray and Young are two quarterbacks for a Hawks offense that has little else aside from exciting young forward Jalen Johnson. It seems likely the Hawks are going to move one of their point guards to add more depth ahead of making their decision with the first overall pick.

Both teams are deserving of the jokes and criticism continually making poor decisions around their franchise stars. The only thing that is going to change this is winning games consistently at a high level. Until that happens the Hawks and more obviously the Falcons will continue to take these shots as easy targets.