Not Your Father's Falcons: A New Age of Atlanta Falcons Football?

The Atlanta Falcons are 2-0 for the first time since 2017. The last time these Falcons made the playoffs. Are we witnessing the new age of Atlanta Falcons football?
Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
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Is This The New Age for the Atlanta Falcons?

This formula that they're concocting with Desmond Ridder at quarterback. This young nucleus of first-round talent that they've surrounded him with on that side of the football. The veterans on the offensive line that are protecting him, as well as the veterans on the defensive side of the football. There's a timeline where this formula does work and Ridder becomes more than just a bridge to the actual starting quarterback for Atlanta. Where Ridder is the starting quarterback for years to come and Falcons fans watch the young Louisville slugger lead this Falcons team to postseason success.

Alternatively, there are timelines where this doesn't work as well and we come out of this looking worse than before. That's the gamble you take with an unproven commodity like Ridder at the most important position in sports.

Tight end Kyle Pitts has been limited to four receptions for 59 yards and no touchdowns through two games. Last season, the generational prospect was limited due to suspect quarterback play, what will be the reason if this trend continues? Does this new physical mentality leave Pitts as the odd man out in the rotation? If so, what do we do with him?

While the questions are still there, the tone of the questions is shifting. It's not how is it going to work but is it sustainable? Not if it can work but for how long?

One thing is now clear, there's evidence that this style can work. That Arthur Smith and the Falcons may be on the right track. The 446 yards of total offense is the third-best offensive output by any team this season.

Buckle up Falcons fans, we may have some fun this season.