One clear landing spot left for Atlanta Falcons great Julio Jones

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Looking around the league for possible landing spots for Julio Jones one clearly stands out if the Atlanta Falcons are unwilling to attempt a reunion. With less than $6 million in cap space and a draft class to focus on it seems very unlikely the team will make a move to bring back their former star receiver.

However, Terry is clearly creative with the cap and could make it work if both sides are interested in a reunion. Suppose Julio and Atlanta aren't ready to mend fences just yet or Fontenot isn't interested in returning to the past the best landing spot for the veteran in Kansas City.

Jones is clearly at the end of his career and not close to the player he once was. When healthy Julio is still a good receiver and can be counted on to make plays but staying healthy over the past two years has been a challenge, to say the least.

Each of the past two seasons Jones has watched his numbers go down after forcing his way out of Atlanta. A decision that was clearly a poor one for a franchise that could have used Jones in the 2021 season in Ryan's final year.

Now with Julio's career looking close to over it is hard to find any landing spot better than the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes has proven to be a player who elevates any receivers or backs around him and for the veteran Jones (if healthy) it won't be any different.

Even if Julio is unable to remain on the field consistently signing a cheap veteran deal with the Chiefs gives the veteran the clearest shot at earning a ring. One that Jones deserved in the 2016 season making a play to end the game if only Atlanta had been wise enough to simply hand the ball off.

Unfortunately for Jones and Atlanta, this didn't happen obviously and Atlanta's collapse covers up what was an epic play for Julio that should have won the Super Bowl. Instead, Jones is left searching for that final accolade at the end of his career. What better place to attempt to get your career back on track and hunt for a ring than teaming up with Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City?