One incredible overlooked stat from Tyler Allgeier's Falcons career

One stat shows just how reliable Atlanta Falcons' franchise rookie rusher leader, Tyler Allgeier, has been for the team through two seasons.

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Something that will land you on the sideline faster than anything in the game of football are fumbles.

If a team cannot trust you to keep ahold of the ball then you are not going to play—just look at the quick downfall of Melvin Gordon. It is part of the reason Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end ever, he only once from the start of the century until his retirement following the 2013 season. Think about that; one fumble in the span of 1,159 touches!

Anyway, we aren't here to gloat over the greatness that is Tony G., we are here to talk about the greatness running back Tyler Allgeier has displayed through two seasons.

After breaking the Falcons' rookie rushing record, Allgeier took a backseat to generational talent Bijan Robinson. We all know how good Bijan is but he struggled to hold onto the football; fumbling four times in 272 touches as a rookie—not ideal.

However, Allgeier is a different story. The second-year player has yet to fumble the ball in 430 touches.

Tyler Allgeier has yet to fumble the football in the NFL

What makes this more impressive is that he never goes down on first contact and with such an emphasis on ripping the ball out on defense that can cause problems.

Not only are power runners being contacted at a higher rate but they are giving the defense extra time to get more defenders to hold and rip the football out.

Tyler Allgeier's ability to break the first tackle on every run has been a lot of fun. While he might not be the home-run hitter that Bijan is, he is as reliable as anyone and that will always keep the coaches happy. Not to mention, he was PFF's highest-graded pass blocker among running backs.

And yes, there is a reason I am posting this in the offseason because I know dang well he would have fumbled on his next carry after publishing this stat. Hopefully, jinxes wear off within five months.