One player that will keep the Falcons from drafting Michael Penix Jr.

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Even if the Atlanta Falcons managed to look past the extensive injury history of Michael Penix Jr. there is another clear reason to avoid the quarterback in this draft. Penix is going to throw at the combine and perhaps give Falcons fans a reason to consider taking the quarterback if they are unable to trade up.

It seems clear that Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels will be three of the first players off the board and the first three quarterbacks taken. This leaves the Falcons in the difficult position of either attempting to trade up or settling for a later selection.

The Falcons' safest route could be to sign a veteran like Russell Wilson or Carson Wentz while still drafting a quarterback within the first three rounds. If you're not going to land one of the stars of this year's class give yourself two chances to find a surprise starter.

While Penix could be a potentially exciting prospect the reasons to avoid him in Atlanta are clear. Even if you didn't have an extensive injury as a left-handed quarterback you aren't going to be a fit with the current Falcons offense.

For at least one more season the Falcons are going to be stuck with Kaleb McGary as their right tackle heading into the year. Going into the season with McGary charged with protecting your quarterback's blindside is a good way to make sure you will need to utilize your backup option.

Kaleb is terribly inconsistent as a pass blocker and would be a danger to a quarterback who couldn't see the hits coming. With the contract they handed the right tackle last season any changes at the position will have to happen in season or at the end of the year.

This is a huge concern for a left-handed quarterback that doesn't have the history of Michael Penix. Add in the season-ending injuries for the quarterback in college that are a concern within themselves and how do you consider making this move?

Even if the quarterback can be a capable answer at the position how long before a McGary mistake forces someone else into the lineup? Penix could be a capable starter in this league with the right system and strong protection. However, that system clearly isn't Atlanta and not this offensive line as long as Kaleb McGary is a starter.