Only one quarterback in the NFC South should scare the Falcons

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3. Bryce Young

This draft selection was the perfect example of what this franchise has become. Draft an undersized quarterback by spending your one elite offensive weapon and refusing to invest in the offensive line. It would be hard for this team not to get better on offense than the unit we watched last season.

Give Young credit for staying healthy and attempting to make adjustments. However, he continued to struggle to make the right decisions with so few open receivers. Give the young quarterback another season but it is clear that the Panthers made the wrong choice.

Carolina brought in two new starters at guard and will have a full offseason to help Young develop. However, they lost Brian Burns and still haven't added a weapon for their young quarterback. Their first-round pick is the selection that the Bears are about to use to take Caleb Williams.

If this team hadn't moved up for Young perhaps you would still have D.J. Moore and perhaps the chance to draft a better prospect. It is hard to see things changing for Carolina with how their owner has managed the franchise and the lack of established starters at nearly every position.