Position-by-position breakdown of Atlanta Falcons 53-man roster: Offense

With the initial 53-man roster for the Atlanta Falcons dropping, here is a breakdown of each position in preparation for the season.
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Atlanta Falcons 53-man roster breakdown: Tight ends (4)

  • Kyle Pitts
  • Jonnu Smith
  • MyCole Pruitt
  • John FitzPatrick

Tight end, along with running back, will be a very important position for the Atlanta Falcons, so thankfully, they are pretty deep at the position.

The question mark at the position came with the fourth tight end spot. Personally, I wasn't totally convinced that John FitzPatrick would make the roster. This has nothing to do with how he played but rather the loyalty Arthur Smith had towards Parker Hesse.

Hesse's versatility was a big reason I expected him to make the final roster but it is clear that the upside of FitzPatrick was too good to risk losing. To their credit, the Falcons made the right decision.