Power Ranking the Atlanta Falcons' 2023 opponents

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Lance King/GettyImages
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Rank. . . HOU @ ATL. . . Week 5. . 8. 10

Call me crazy for putting the Houston Texans at eight. While I certainly do not think that they will be a threat down the stretch, I think they will be improved from last year—which is probably a given.

They have a lot of young and athletic players on defense, a young quarterback, and some talented playmakers. Their offensive line is a question mark, as well as a few other positions, but this is certainly a team the Atlanta Falcons will need to look out for in week five.

. . . . Rank. Weeks 12 and 18. . 7. . 15

I truly don't understand why some people are convinced that the Saints will be a threat in 2023. Yes, they got a quarterback in Derek Carr but let's not act like he isn't coming off of poor season despite having some superstar playmakers.

Their defense is a huge question as well. They have been good in the past but look at the players they have lost. Then also consider that their better defenders are older players who are not getting any younger. I think this will be a wake-up call for a front office that has refused to do a full reset.