Power Ranking the Atlanta Falcons' 2023 opponents

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Lance King/GettyImages
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ATL @ DET. . . 50. . . Week 3. 4. . Rank

This will be an early measuring stick for the new-look Atlanta Falcons defense. The Detroit Lions were a high-flying offense last year as they were able to throw the ball all over the yard.

Many fans are jumping on their bandwagon, which makes sense. While I will have to see it to believe it, they have the firepower to make a splash, it is just their defense that is a huge question mark—outside of the mere fact that they are the Detroit Lions.

Week 9. MIN @ ATL. . Rank. . . 3. 60. .

The Minnesota Vikings were able to claim the NFC North crown due to their ability to win close games. Until a team knocks them off and/or they lose a ton of talent, there is no reason to think they aren't the favorite for their division.

They still have Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson, and T.J. Hockenson. They also added Jordan Addison, which really completes this offense. But, much like their division-rival Lions, they have uncertainties on the defensive side of the ball.