Power Ranking the Atlanta Falcons' 2023 opponents

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Lance King/GettyImages
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Rank. ATL @ NYJ. . . 30. . . Week 13. . 2

I cringe at putting the New York Jets this high on the power rankings. All we have heard about this offseason is how talented this team is and how unstoppable they will be with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, but how often does all that actually turn out? Just ask the Broncos.

With that being said, the Atlanta Falcons have a really weak schedule. I only see one team that is clearly better than the Jets, so I had to put them here. Their defense was good last year and they have some young offensive talent to go with Rodgers.

52. Rank. . . . . 1. . Week 4. Wembley Stadium, London

The complete turnaround that the Jacksonville Jaguars had last year was remarkable. They seemed dead in the water and somehow saved themselves by making the postseason. And then what Falcons fan can forget their historic comeback in the playoffs against the Chargers?

This team now has all of the confidence in the world, they have a great quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, they have excellent playmakers, and their defense forces a lot of turnovers. This will be a big game for the Atlanta Falcons; they will have to play a near-perfect game to leave London with a win.

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