Power ranking each of the past 20 Atlanta Falcons first-round picks

2011 NFL Draft
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19. Takk McKinley, OLB (26th overall, 2017)

Making a bad pick at pick 26 is not the end of the world but when you just lost a Super Bowl thanks in part to an anemic pass rush and you proceed to trade up and select a bust over a guy named T.J. Watt, that feels like the end of the world.

Sure, Watt was not a perfect fit for the Dan Quinn defense at the time, but Watt is certainly good enough to dominate in any scheme. The Falcons missed out on a player who is trending towards having a Hall of Fame-worthy career at a position they have had so many problems at.

18. Peria Jerry, DT (24th overall, 2009)

Peria Jerry did a whole heck of a lot of nothing for the Atlanta Falcons. After being selected over Clay Matthews, Jerry played five seasons with the Falcons and failed to register a single sack in three of those seasons and only had 5.5 in his career. Not to mention, he somehow only managed 51 tackles and 14 tackles for loss.

17. Sean Weatherspoon, LB (19th overall, 2010)

This is really where the massive bust label ends. Sean Weatherspoon was not a bad player and could be higher on this list but his failure to stay healthy really destroyed his career. He had two stints with the Falcons and played seven seasons in the NFL while missing 45 regular season games. That equates to just under 3 full seasons of missed time.