Power ranking each of the past 20 Atlanta Falcons first-round picks

2011 NFL Draft
2011 NFL Draft / Chris Trotman/GettyImages
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16. Michael Jenkins, WR (29th overall, 2004)

The man who hauled in Matt Ryan's first NFL pass/touchdown, Michael Jenkins was a solid compliment for the Atlanta Falcons offense over seven years. He never broke 800 yards or four touchdowns, which isn't great for a first-round wide receiver—but he was still a good player.

15. Sam Baker, OT (21st overall, 2008)

Speaking of Matt Ryan, the Falcons followed up their selection of Ryan by selecting a key blocker. However, Baker only played two full seasons in his six years with the Falcons and was a good but not great offensive tackle.

14. Vic Beasley, OLB (8th overall, 2015)

You know the name, Vic Beasley was an often criticized player for the Falcons. While he helped lead his team into the playoffs in 2016 by racking up a league-leading 15.5 sacks, he failed to do anything in the postseason and beyond. He was an uber-talented player who just wasn't fully committed to his craft.