Power ranking each of the past 20 Atlanta Falcons first-round picks

2011 NFL Draft
2011 NFL Draft / Chris Trotman/GettyImages
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4. Roddy White, WR (27th overall, 2005)

Roddy White was a pillar for the Atlanta Falcons franchise for years. He was as durable as they come, playing in all 16 games through his first eight seasons. For a wide receiver to do that is simply incredible.

Roddy had a streak of six years where he have over 1,150 receiving yards and at least six touchdowns. In fact, from 2009 to 2010 he scored 21 touchdowns.

Through his 11 seasons with the Falcons, Roddy White had 808 catches for 10,863 yards and 63 touchdowns. He also played a huge part in the development of Julio Jones. Not too bad for a wide receiver who came from a school that had a defunct football program for a number of years after he was drafted.

3. Jake Matthews, OT (6th overall, 2014)

The Falcons did not overthink their decision in the 2014 NFL Draft. They seized an opportunity to get one of the top offensive tackles in the country, who also has rich bloodlines, and he turned into the most consistent player in the NFL.

Jake Matthews has allowed the Falcons to forget about the left tackle position, which is one of the most important positions on the football field. He is as durable and consistent as they come and you can read more about that in an article I wrote by clicking the link below.