Predicting the Atlanta Falcons defensive depth chart following the draft

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What the Atlanta Falcons defensive and special teams depth chart could look like

With the draft in the rearview mirror, we have an overall outline of what the Atlanta Falcons depth chart will look like. Nevertheless, there is still some uncertainty about where players slot in and which players could sneak themselves onto the roster.

Yesterday was the offensive depth chart, today is the defensive and special teams depth chart. While the defense does still have its uncertainties, the offense was more difficult to predict.

Anyways, here is the prediction for the Falcons' depth chart on special teams and defense, starting with special teams.

Atlanta Falcons special teams depth chart

  • K: Younghoe Koo
  • P: Bradley Pinion (re-signed)
  • LS: Liam McCullough (re-signed)
  • KR: Cordarrelle Patterson & Avery Williams
  • PR: Avery Williams

I am confident in saying that this is what the Atlanta Falcons' special teams will look like. There aren't any question marks anywhere, simple as that.

Younghoe Koo continues to be one of the best kickers, and Bradley Pinion and Liam McCullough were both re-signed to be the starters at their positions. Meanwhile, Cordarrelle Patterson and Avery Williams will be used as kick returners and Williams will continue returning punts after a strong season.