Predicting the Atlanta Falcons defensive depth chart following the draft

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Atlanta Falcons defensive depth chart: Cornerbacks (7)

  1. A.J. Terrell
  2. Jeff Okudah (Trade)
  3. Mike Hughes (FA signing)
  4. Darren Hall
  5. Dee Alford
  6. Clark Phillips III (Draft)
  7. Tre Flowers (FA signing)

This is a lot of cornerbacks, no doubt, but it is also a position that could use an extra player because of the way the Atlanta Falcons have constructed it.

If they were to keep six cornerbacks who would you cut? The most logical answer would be Tre Flowers but if both Terrell and Okudah were to get hurt (something we saw last year when Terrell and Casey Hayward got injured) then who would play opposite Darren Hall? Clark Phillips and Mike Hughes can play on the boundary but is that ideal? Not really; having another experienced outside CB could be beneficial.

The next guy you might talk about cutting is Mike Hughes who signed a two-year contract. While it would leave a little dead money this year and next, the real issue is that the team signed him to be a leader and big contributor on special teams. They won't be too keen on cutting him.

You are going to store a player or two somewhere anyways, so why not at cornerback, especially considering how hard the injury bug hit them last year.

Something else to note is that the team will likely experiment at slot cornerback with Dee Alford, Clark Phillips, and Mike Hughes so they are more like A, B, and C in the slot, so don't focus too much on the order.