Predicting the Atlanta Falcons final 53-man roster following final preseason game

The Atlanta Falcons will be hard at work trying to trim their 90-man roster to just 53 players. Here is the prediction for the final roster following the third and final preseason game.
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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Atlanta Falcons final roster prediction: Linebackers (4)

  • Troy Andersen
  • Kaden Elliss
  • Nate Landman
  • Tae Davis

Notable cuts: Andre Smith, Mike Jones Jr., Frank Ginda

Troy Andersen, Kaden Elliss, and seemingly Nate Landman are all on their way to landing on the final roster but the questions lie in that fourth spot.

It appears as if Tae Davis might get the nod due to his value on special teams. However, when looking at each player based on their ability to play the linebacker position, I have liked what I have seen from Andre Smith, Mike Jones Jr., and Frank Ginda more than Davis.