Predicting the Atlanta Falcons offensive depth chart following the draft

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Atlanta Falcons offensive depth chart: Interior offensive line (5)

  • LG: Matthew Bergeron (Draft)
  • RG: Chris Lindstrom
  • OG3: Matt Hennessy
  • C: Drew Dalman
  • C2: Jovaughn Gwyn (Draft)

The one difference in the Atlanta Falcons starting offensive line from last year will likely be second-round pick Matthew Bergeron who is making the switch from offensive tackle to playing on the interior in the NFL.

The Falcons drafted him to be their starter at a position that had numerous different starters last season. If he can play well right off the bat then this offensive line will maul people.

Chris Lindstrom got a well-deserved payday that made him the first $100 million guard in NFL history. There is absolutely no reason to think he won't continue being the best in the NFL at the position. And then Matt Hennessy played well at LG before he quickly got injured.

Drew Dalman might be the weak link of the offensive line but who knows, he might have a much better year in year three. And Jovaughn Gwyn sticks around despite being a seventh-round pick.

The one thing you have to love about this offensive line is how versatile the pieces are. Ifedi has played OT and OG, Bergeron can play OG and OT, and Hennessy and Gwyn can play C and OG.