Predicting Every Game of the Atlanta Falcons Season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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Week Eighteen: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

Game Info: TBD

Initial Thoughts: Atlanta Vs. New Orleans in a week 18 matchup for the divisional crown is a dream for the NFL and whichever network ends up showing this game. Both organizations seem to believe they’re playoff contenders after their respective off-seasons, and this game will determine which team is stuck questioning all of their previous moves and taking an earlier-than-expected vacation.

X-Factor: The home crowd. Saints’ fans are rowdy, loud, and truly hate the Falcons, their players, their fans, and their coaches. If the crowd gets loud enough to disrupt Ridder’s attention or their defensive assignments, this could be a sloppy showing for Atlanta. The entire team will need to be on-point and focused to ensure they fulfill their goal of reaching the playoffs.

Prediction: Arthur Smith pulls out his best play-calling and the Falcons pick up a pivotal fourth-down conversion to score a touchdown and lead they never relinquish. 10-7. Playoffs secured.