Predicting every national TV game for the Atlanta Falcons this season

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The Atlanta Falcons are unlikely to have many prime-time games this season despite having added Kirk Cousins and getting national attention for drafting Michael Penix Jr. This is a team that should have at least 1-2 prime-time spots based on these moves but still isn't deserving of being locked into consistent stand-alone games.

While this might seem harsh the improvements don't take away the fact that it has been a long time since the team had a winning season. The last time the Falcons had a winning season was 2017 only a year after Matt Ryan's MVP run.

In the time since the Falcons have had three head coaches and four different starting quarterbacks and zero winning seasons. This is the explanation for why a team getting as much coverage as Atlanta has during the offseason still isn't going to be a prime-time target. Looking at the teams Atlanta is scheduled to face the options become clear based not on Atlanta but on the potential matchup with a more established playoff team.

Kirk Cousins has a well-established reputation in prime-time games. Giving the Falcons at least 1-2 games in that slot. With this in mind, here are the most likely fits in the 2024 season.