Predicting every national TV game for the Atlanta Falcons this season

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts
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Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons

The Dallas Cowboys can be compared to the Yankees, Dodgers, or Lakers. It doesn't matter what they are doing they will always be relevant based on their brand and established history. Whether it is hot take shows or gameday commentary the Cowboys' presence is felt throughout the NFL and carries an immense amount of weight in the ratings.

Having the former Washington quarterback host Dallas in a contract year for Dak cannot be passed up. Especially if the game is scheduled early on in the year the Falcons and Cowboys will both be a bit more interesting.

Cousins' lack of wins in prime time, the Dallas coaching changes, Penix, Dak's contract, and where the teams both stand in the NFC leave no shortage of potential stories. The earlier in the year the game is scheduled the better fit it will be for a prime time slot. Both teams are looking to take control of the division and in a weak NFC, this could be an important game for playoff seeding.

Dallas is also coming off of one of the worst playoff losses in franchise history putting more attention on the franchise. This game would be a great chance for Kirk Cousins to reverse the narrative that continues to follow him.