Predicting every national TV game for the Atlanta Falcons this season

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts
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Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons

How is Arthur Smith's time with the Falcons best described? There are three ways to look at it with the first being the rude and dismissive way that Smith often handled the media. Giving the attitude that he was the smartest guy in the room and far above very normal questions for a head coach of an NFL franchise.

The second is that same ego that believed he could move on from Matt Ryan and have close to the same results with Marcus Mariota or Desmond Ridder. After failing at this the coach proceeded to play musical chairs at the position and still couldn't get it right.

If you had to point out a third trait that defined his tenure it was an offensive play-calling style that defied logic. Let's not help our failing quarterbacks by designing games around our best players but target the third tight end or fourth receiver on every other play. It was a maddening brand of football that helped contribute to his demise in Atlanta.

The point here being that no love is lost between Atlanta and their former head coach. You have a very strong brand in the Steelers coming to Atlanta making this a great story and spot for a prime-time game for Atlanta.