Predicting every quarterback the Atlanta Falcons will face in 2023

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Projecting each quarterback the Atlanta Falcons will play this season

The Atlanta Falcons will go into the 2023 NFL Season with more hope than they have had in a long time.

They have made numerous moves throughout the offseason, especially on defense. The defense should be much improved, and the good news for them, they won't play too many top-tier quarterbacks. Obviously, things are subject to change but it looks like they will play just two quarterbacks who have already established superstars in this league—one young superstar QB, and one veteran superstar QB.

The Falcons' division doesn't have any superstars at the position anymore. You are bound to play the first-overall pick with the Panthers and two veterans who are in their first year with their awful team.

If the Falcons' defense can improve, they could be near the top in the NFL considering the lack of stars they play at quarterback. Overall, they play about six teams who currently have their QB1 on their roster and are primed to start the season, even then, you could make an argument about a few of them.

Here you will see just how few elite quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons are scheduled to play.