Predicting how every Atlanta Falcons game will end in 2023

How will the Falcons end up in a strong top conference but a ripe-for-the-picking division?
Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons
Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Ladies and gentlementhat welcome to the official schedule prediction for our beloved Atlanta Falcons. A team which has recently struggled with back-to-back 7-10 campaigns under Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot, there's a magic in the air of Flowery Branch and the city of Atlanta which hasn't been felt in a long time.

For most individuals, the NFC South is currently being touted as either the "weakest division in football" or "the most unpredictable division". Let's divulge both arguments:
- For the "weakest division" argument, why is that the case? Because every team finished with a sub-.500 record? Yes, that's something to monitor, but rather one should think "Hey, if a team can win with that record, what CAN'T be done?"
- For the "most unpredictable division" claim, this is far more true than the previous argument, and for good merit. Yes, entering the season every team has aspirations of winning the division and hosting a playoff game, but in the case of the NFC South, every game is so neck and neck, sometimes it doesn't matter how well one plays outside the division; rather, it's those six games that determine everything.

Now, of course, schedule predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. It's easy to shout from the rooftops like Nick Wright that the Chiefs are going to do what hasn't been done since the '72 Dolphins and complete a perfect season (though, in fairness, they're a better choice than Michael Irvin's pompom waving Cowboys fandom). Conversely, it's easy to say that your team is so bad, they might as well wait for the season to be over (#J.E.T.S.) so they can get either Caleb Williams or Marvin Harrison Jr. in next year's draft.

For those who wish to, as some might call it, make "strategic business investments" on football, keep in mind that my schedule predictions only call for who wins straight up. I couldn't care about the spreads because of so many "backdoor covers", so I just pick winners and losers. Side note: I went 13-4 SU picking Falcons games last year, only being wrong on: the Saints (W1), the Commanders (W12), the Cardinals (W17), and the Buccaneers (W18).

So now, let's start looking at all 17 of the Falcons opponents, from the divisional opponents (six games), to the NFC North and AFC South (eight games), and the three games against the NFC West, AFC East, and NFC East teams that finished in the same divisional standings as the Falcons did in 2022.